[lug] LVM on RAID on Ubuntu

durist at frii.com durist at frii.com
Mon Mar 10 12:34:50 MDT 2008

I'm about to upgrade my wife's Ubuntu 6.10 box to 7.10. It's currently running 
on RAID1, but I'd like to add LVM on top of the RAID for flexibility. I've 
spent a lot of time googling, but not found very much on this that seems to 
be up to date. I'm planning to do a new install (rather than an upgrade), but 
I have a few questions, if anybody knows the answers:

1) Can I put /boot and swap on LVM? 
2) For swap, is there a significant performance penalty?
3) Can I use grub, or do I have to use lilo? Is there any special 
configuration I need to do?
4) Any special installation caveats or quirks of the Ubuntu installer I need 
to know about?

Dan Urist
durist at frii.com

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