[lug] putty keyboard tab completion

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 10:00:53 MDT 2008

Thought I'd run this by the group.

I use putty to ssh into a remote server.  Normally,
bash command completion with the Tab key works fine
just like it's supposed to.  It completes directory
listings and handles file completion.  Can't live
without it.

I've never had this problem before but all of the
sudden, my Tab key has become well a Tab key!  It
doesn't perform the completion.  

Haven't change my putty or any of my login scripts.

The only thing I can think of is that I had my
keyboard go belly up recently so I swapped out an old
spare I had laying around.  BUT I think command
completion was working since the swap out???

This is an XP box?

Anybody have a brilliant suggestion?


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