[lug] [Fwd: Men & Mice: "DNS and Bind" training in Denver, CO May 12-16, 2008]

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Mar 11 12:57:23 MDT 2008

Forwarding to linux folks...

I've been through the DNS wringer enough that I won't be attending, but 
the Mice & Men folks are pretty clueful when it comes to DNS, and I 
figured since they are doing a little minor "spamming" and have my name 
from some previous business I did with them years ago -- it's probably 
not widely known that they do DNS training courses.

If you know of anyone who's knee-deep in building DNS architecture 
and/or needs to learn some advanced DNS techniques, they might 
appreciate this announcement so they can go beg their boss to go to it.

I had to learn most of it the hard way. (GRIN)

Figured I'd share...


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Subject: Men & Mice: "DNS and Bind" training in Denver, CO  May 12-16,2008
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 18:51:50 +0000 (GMT)
From: Sabine Hornig <shornig at menandmice.com>
To: nate at natetech.com <nate at natetech.com>

Dear Nate,

Hope you are doing well today.

I just want to drop you a line that Men & Mice is offering a

DNS Fundamentals and BIND Administration Hands - On Course
May 12-14,2008	Denver, CO
(3 days: US$ 2,290)


DNS Security and Advanced Topics Hands - On Course
May 15-16,2008	Denver, CO
(2 days: US$ 1,980)

Or if you go for the bundle(5 days): US$ 3,990

You can find the course description on our website

The training classes are independent from our products and
just about handling DNS itself.

Signup for both classes will end April 15st 2008 and
you are welcome to spread words among your colleagues.

If you are interested just write me an email or sign up on our website

All the best,


Kind regards,

Sabine Hornig
Training and Customer Service

Men & Mice
Address: Noatun 17, IS-105, Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone:   +354-412-1500
Email:    sabine at menandmice.com

Men & Mice
We bring control and flexibility to network management

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