[lug] Issues with RedHat Enterprise

Steve A Hart Shart at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 18 14:26:08 MDT 2008

OK..here's the rundown...

Server is running RedHat Enterprise 4
All Clients running RedHat Enterprise 5 Client

All programs are compiled for RedHat Ent4 and are stored in /usr/local. 
  /usr/local and all home directories are stored on the server and 
automounted to the clients.

Of course now that I have all my clients running RHEnt5 I'm starting to 
see some issues pop up.

1.  Firefox tends to crash randomly.  Traced problem to a possible 
interaction issue between the compiled program in RHEnt4 and the support 
libraries needed by firefox that are found on the Ent5 clients.

2.  Some Matlab scripts are running slow.  A code that took 0.1 seconds 
to run before the upgrade now takes 35 seconds to run

3.  C++ compilers that came with Ent5 on the clients seems to run slow 
as well.

Does anyone know of any problems between RedHat Ent4 and Ent5?  I mean I 
know they are different versions but they can't be THAT different from 
each other.  I'd expect interaction problems between Redhat and say 
Ubuntu systems for example but not two sucessive versions of RedHat 



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