[lug] Issues with RedHat Enterprise

User Dan Ferris dan at usrsbin.com
Tue Mar 18 15:39:01 MDT 2008

So I'm taking it that the compiler wasn't NFS like I had originally 
thought :(


The Firefox thing definatly sounds like libraries.

I have no idea about the Matlab issue.


On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Steve A Hart wrote:

> OK..here's the rundown...
> Server is running RedHat Enterprise 4
> All Clients running RedHat Enterprise 5 Client
> All programs are compiled for RedHat Ent4 and are stored in /usr/local. 
> /usr/local and all home directories are stored on the server and automounted 
> to the clients.
> Of course now that I have all my clients running RHEnt5 I'm starting to see 
> some issues pop up.
> 1.  Firefox tends to crash randomly.  Traced problem to a possible 
> interaction issue between the compiled program in RHEnt4 and the support 
> libraries needed by firefox that are found on the Ent5 clients.
> 2.  Some Matlab scripts are running slow.  A code that took 0.1 seconds to 
> run before the upgrade now takes 35 seconds to run
> 3.  C++ compilers that came with Ent5 on the clients seems to run slow as 
> well.
> Does anyone know of any problems between RedHat Ent4 and Ent5?  I mean I know 
> they are different versions but they can't be THAT different from each other. 
> I'd expect interaction problems between Redhat and say Ubuntu systems for 
> example but not two sucessive versions of RedHat Enterprise.
> Thanks
> Steve
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