[lug] Issues with RedHat Enterprise

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Mar 18 18:18:14 MDT 2008

I don't use matlab, but have users that do.  We haven't gotten any 
tickets with folks complaining about speed.

If you'd like, I can run your matlab code in our environment and see if 
it is similarly slow (though I don't have any RH4 clients anymore).


Steve A Hart wrote:
> Yes, I have been reading about many distros having issues with the 
> current firefox.  Rumor is that Firefox3 will deal with the problem.
> I'm more concerned about matlab and the c++ compilers working  obscenely 
> slow.  Dan, I did check nfs and the server has some slow periods due to 
> heavy nfs traffic but the clients seem to be running smoothly.  Hugh, do 
> you find that processes like matlab take longer to processin your setup 
> on the Ent5 clients?  Sounds like you have a similar setup to my system.
> I know the c++ problem has something to do with my specific network and 
> the 2 subnets I manage but I was hoping that someone on here might have 
> heard of other issues going on between Ent4 and Ent5.
> Steve

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