[lug] 1T + SATA 300 performance

Dan Ferris dan at usrsbin.com
Fri Mar 21 20:49:24 MDT 2008

Your math isn't screwed up, but your assumptions about how disks 
perform...that's another story. :)

The PCI bus is a huge bottleneck in your setup.  You also aren't taking 
into account that 1.5 Gb/sec and 3.0 Gb/sec are only the theoretical max 
for the SATA interface only.  You have to factor in the fact the disks 
are only spinning at 7200 RPM.  On top of all that, I think you are 
using RAID 5 which has lousy write performance.


karl horlen wrote:
>> First of all, your math is totally screwed up.  How
> no it's not.. i multiplied by a factor of 8 to bring
> the bits back to bytes in the following line and
> arrived at the same figure you got of 21 minutes..
>> Doing many small files will absolutely kill your
>> performance.
> Yeah.  I've got tons of little files
> Thanks for all of the other clarifications sean.
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