[lug] CompUSA replacement in Boulder area?

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Mon Mar 31 17:52:04 MDT 2008

Steve A Hart wrote:
> Dear god...you actually buy from Best Buy and Circuit City?!?!?!
> We buy almost exclusively from www.newegg.com

They're quite addictive, and if you pay for the fast shipping, amazingly 

I figure for MOST projects if I can't plan three days ahead (worst case) 
I probably shouldn't be slapping together the project that fast 
anyway... but I do understand the need for spare parts available locally 
  when something dies, too.

Just bring a Fry's to Denver or Boulder somewhere and I'd be happy. 
CompUSA can continue to go under (even though I'm seeing rumors about 
the "new" CompUSA?) for all I care... it's not THAT far to MicroCenter, 
even from Boulder... on a weekend day when the I-25 traffic isn't maddening.

You'll pay more in gas round-trip from Boulder to Microcenter than 
Newegg will charge for shipping, though.  Understand that too.


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