[lug] Booting issue. Deb Etch

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Apr 1 14:07:00 MDT 2008

Gary Hodges wrote:

> It turns out the SCSI card was bad (BusLogic BT-958) .  This computer 
> ran continuously for three or so years.  After the upgrade it didn't 
> work right so I didn't suspect the hardware.  Well, I suppose something 
> may have changed in the drivers between Sarge and Etch, though I'd find 
> that surprising.

That's weird.

I'd keep an eye out for others with similar problems... when something's 
upgraded, and starts to fail -- it's rare that hardware is the problem, 
unless the reboots finally "pushed it over the edge", so to speak.

I still smell a software problem.  :-)

> Kernel 2.6.18-6-686 still segfaults.  I read a post or two that 
> guaranteed the AMD K6-2 and K6-III CPUs were supported in this kernel. I 
> guess not.


> Sorry you wrote that long reply Nate when it turned out to be a hardware 
> issue.

Not a problem.  It happens.  (GRIN)

My whole week has been strange hardware issues.

So far, I've seen perl say, "your libraries don't match this version of 
perl, you need version [insert enormous integer here with something like 
15 decimal places]" and that appears to be hardware-related (bad CPU or 
RAM on a multi-processor Sun box) ... and also have seen a customer's 
Sun Netra 440 blow up one of its Ethernet ports and disappear off the 

And it's only Tuesday!

(That's depressing... that means I worked all weekend on other API 
related problems, then the hardware started failing for April Fool's Day 
and I still have the majority of the week to go.)


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