[lug] subversion setup

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Wed Apr 2 19:04:43 MDT 2008

karl horlen wrote:
> I've traditionally been a cvs user but finally jumped ship and installed svn on my server today.  It's straightforward enough but I'm having trouble finding info on one topic.
> It looks like svn was designed to work remotely using a variety of methods  including apache, ssh.  I'm not interested in any of the remote features.  I just want to use it locally on the box.  
SVN has a basic remote protocol - svnserve.  Here's a page from a quick 
google search:


You can run it either locally or on a network.  I have an old laptop I 
use for svn at home, which is great because I'm doing cross platform 
development.  It makes it easy to move changes between windows and linux 
on my dual boot machine.

> My question is whether or not subversion installs by default with remote capabilities enabled or if it's completely locked down?  If not, what do I have to do to lock it down and limit it to local use?  Is there a configuration option that I can check to confirm my installed remote capabilities?
I believe it comes with svnserve, but I can't remember how exactly I set 
it up.  I don't remember it being too hard.
> And since I'm already asking.  What's the best practice for using svn with multiple users / permissions?  I'd like to be able to check a couple of different projects in that will be tied to different user login ids.  The install didnt create a new svn group or user.  The executable was installed as root and is executable by all.  Do I need to create an 'svn' group and add users to it to make this work?  Or does svn not care?
Don't know about the varying permissions per folder, but there is a file 
someplace that you edit to set the users and logins for the repo as a 
whole.  svnserver.conf is the filename I believe. 

> If each user keeps to their own project, I can see how svn might simply create each repo owned by the user id that performs the create.
> However, if multiple users need to share a repo, I imagine I have to create a shared group and tie those group perms to the shared repo?
> thanks

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