[lug] Last chance!

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon May 5 02:03:46 MDT 2008

Louis Miller wrote:
> Dear Dave,
> I looked on the Boulder LUG website and I couldn't find information
> on the installfest. Where is that information located?


Sorry, I was lazy about cross-posting and didn't think to say which web 

> Also, you could put a hyperlink to a google map and the address for
> the meeting in each e-mail that you send out, and an invitation to
> ask questions of you at the end of the e-mail. You might have done
> that already.

There is a map and address.  We'll see if I get to adding google.

What does everyone else think?  Should I repeatedly send a meeting 
announcement type message with all the details of the event?  So far 
I've just been sending a nagging reminder to look up the details on the 
web site, with enough variation (lame as it may be) to keep it from 
being boring.  The goal is to generate interest, the details are on the 
web for those who want it.

> So, it sounds like you want to change the nature of the installfest
> from just installing Linux on boxes for beginners to helping people
> of various ability levels to get the most out of Linux.

That's what it is, though it isn't a change.  The description at the 
bottom of the web page predates my "official" involvement with installfest.

> If it is near a bus line, maybe I could visit.

It probably is but I don't know how convenient the weekend schedule is. 
  But I'm sure the walk is less than a mile.

> I would like help with DOS. I don't know how to burn DOS games to
> disk, and then play them. I would also like to figure out if I can
> add more RAM to make my newer system work with Compiz-Fusion. I
> haven't taken a close look at my video card. But, you will probably
> be really busy at the meeting, anyway.

I won't be helping anyone with DOS.  Nor using a slide rule.  On a slow 
day with a beer it might be interesting to disassemble the DOS boot 
sector[1] if you haven't done it before.  But May ain't goin' to be tha' 

Someone there will be able to figure out about adding RAM and whether 
your video will work with compiz.  Or if you figure out what you need 
and whether it can be added, ask here and maybe someone will bring you 
some RAM and help you install it.


  1) You can see where the "non-system disk or disk error" message comes 
from.  For example, the first sentence of the answer here: 
http://www.duxcw.com/faq/win/nosys.htm is wrong because it implies that 
that is a BIOS message.

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