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See question below - can one get only text - to speed up the text-only search?
To get only English - how reliable is the? lang="en" ?

>>>????? <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en">

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 I'm doing a project to analyze text content on the web:

i need to:

start with a list of URLs

for each URL in the URL list

?? fetch the page

?? throw away non-English pages

?? extract the sentence text content, (not hidden text, menus, lists, etc.)

????? write that content to a file

?? extract all the links

????? add just the new links to the URL list (not those already in the list of URLs)

i could just use java, but then i would have to write everything.

beautiful soup (written in python) would probably work well to parse the pages, but i don't see that it can fetch pages.

i can't tell to what extent nutch can parse the pages. i know it can give me the links, but i don't know if it can extract just the text i care about.


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