[lug] Upcoming Installfest

bclarkinco at juno.com bclarkinco at juno.com
Mon May 5 12:58:45 MDT 2008

I'm a Linux newbie planning to attend the upcoming InstallFest.  I am looking for help installing the Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS release on a box already running WinXP Home.  My goal is to have the HD partitioned into thirds, where each of the OS's has a partition and the remaining can be read and written to by each.  The present setup contains no data requiring backup.
I also have a Compaq laptop running Vista (ugh!) that I bought last July, and if it is possible I would like to set up Linux as described above on that machine too.  Again, no data is present requiring backup.
I live in Lafayette and would be happy to carpool with anyone nearby or en route; I can be driver or passenger.  If interested, please email me at bclarkinco at juno.com, or call 303-666-6449.
Brian Clark

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