[lug] Time sync w/GPS or radio

Jeffrey Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Thu May 8 11:04:53 MDT 2008


 I have a machine on the net behind the firewall of a very large government
> organization where I'm not able to use a time server outside the network.
>  And, get this, they don't keep the time set on their internal time server.

SNOBOL4 was an easy-to-port higher-level-language.  It was implemented in a
pseudo-assembly language, and porting it just required writing something
that translated that to a machine's native assembler.  That portability, and
a great book, helped make it a popular language.  (Though it was just the
teeniest bit unusual.)

Ralph Griswold, who wrote both the language and the book, says he was once
asked to bring it up for a very large government organization.  A problem,
discovered during his effort, was their requirement that all incoming tapes
be degaussed.

Maybe it's the same organization :-)

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