[lug] audio questions

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Thu May 8 16:17:54 MDT 2008

thanks for the suggestions.  was it easy to implement this or is there a 
whole lot of tweaking that needs to be done?

more specifically i wanted feedback on how these tools lock down the 
collection over the nw.  on a home network it's not an issue.  over the 
internet, i imagine most people don't want others bogging down their 
servers or eavesdropping on their collections.  it might also be 
technically illegal to be broadcasting your collection not locked down 
to others since they haven't paid for the files.

from quick inspection of the link you provided, it looks like many of 
these solutions are true streaming implementations.  that's actually 
pretty cool.  i assumed a lesser technology like progressive download 
versus true streaming.

Jason Vallery wrote:
> There are a bunch of projects that accomplish this.  There is a list at:
> http://www.mp3-howto.com/mp3-howto-12.html
> I personally have used Ampache (http://ampache.org/) which worked
> well.  A while back though I switched to mt-daapd so that it would
> integrate with iTunes (http://mt-daapd.org/).  I'm a Mac guy on the
> desktop.

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