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dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Thu May 8 16:35:40 MDT 2008


Jason Vallery wrote:
> If I recall the way ampache works is that it you use login to the web
> application and request a playlist (.pls file).  The playlist is
> generated on the fly and contains links which have an authentication
> token in them.  When these are requested by your media player it
> authenticates them by the URL requested.  The links expire after some
> configurable expiration time.  The downside to this approach is that
> you can't save the playlist locally.  You always have to request a new
> one when you want to listen.
> Of course it has been a few years since I've used this solution so
> things could have changed significantly.
> -J
> On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:17 PM,  <dio2002 at indra.com> wrote:
>> thanks for the suggestions.  was it easy to implement this or is there a
>> whole lot of tweaking that needs to be done?
>>  more specifically i wanted feedback on how these tools lock down the
>> collection over the nw.  on a home network it's not an issue.  over the
>> internet, i imagine most people don't want others bogging down their servers
>> or eavesdropping on their collections.  it might also be technically illegal
>> to be broadcasting your collection not locked down to others since they
>> haven't paid for the files.
>>  from quick inspection of the link you provided, it looks like many of these
>> solutions are true streaming implementations.  that's actually pretty cool.
>> i assumed a lesser technology like progressive download versus true
>> streaming.
>>  Jason Vallery wrote:
>>> There are a bunch of projects that accomplish this.  There is a list at:
>>> http://www.mp3-howto.com/mp3-howto-12.html
>>> I personally have used Ampache (http://ampache.org/) which worked
>>> well.  A while back though I switched to mt-daapd so that it would
>>> integrate with iTunes (http://mt-daapd.org/).  I'm a Mac guy on the
>>> desktop.
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