[lug] audio questions

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu May 8 18:53:32 MDT 2008

Jason Vallery wrote:
> There are a bunch of projects that accomplish this.  There is a list at:
> http://www.mp3-howto.com/mp3-howto-12.html
> I personally have used Ampache (http://ampache.org/) which worked
> well.  A while back though I switched to mt-daapd so that it would
> integrate with iTunes (http://mt-daapd.org/).  I'm a Mac guy on the
> desktop.
> -J

I've used ampache.  If you want to host it via https, only the flash 
player works (and it only works for about the first 60 seconds on a 
mac).  The direct streaming doesn't seem to get along with https.


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