[lug] audio questions

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu May 8 19:03:04 MDT 2008

Collins Richey wrote:
> On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:03 PM,  <dio2002 at indra.com> wrote:
>> when you rip from cd with something like amarok, is it smart enough to pull
>> the artist, album, track info from the audio file on the CD (wav?) and
>> insert that as appropriate id3 tag info in each new MP3 file?  or does one
>> have to manually tag every song post rip?
> Don't have many other answers, but yes, modern ripper programs like
> amarok capture the data you are interested in from the cd
> automatically. When I play ripped music, the full album title and
> individual song titles are there.

You can also create a monster playlist, select all and then "edit 
artist" once and have it update all of the selected items.  After you 
have everything tagged the way you want, you can use amarok to rename 
all of it into a directory hierarchy based on the tags.

I haven't found a nice way around having to do the work of making sure 
the tagging is done "right" (for appropriate values of right).  I find 
that my preferences for capitalization/etc don't always match up with 
the entries fetched from freedb.org.

It will fetch the album covers (or best guesses at the album covers) 
from amazon, but amazon has a policy of "don't cache for more than x 
days" and every x days amarok will tell you "amazon downloaded cover art 
has been removed"

My only problem with amarok is that it doesn't seem to get along well 
with my iaudio (which looks like usb-storage to linux).  It can never 
get the mounting right.  Until my collection exceeded the capacity of 
the iaudio, I used rsync to manage pushing the songs to the portable.

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