[lug] Time sync w/GPS or radio

Vince Dean vdean at ucar.edu
Fri May 9 16:55:57 MDT 2008


When you figure out what works in your situation, can
you share any of your findings or experiences with the

It is interesting to learn about the constraints 
and outcomes in a real-world situation.  (Price,
reliability, support, physical environment, and so

Good luck,

Gary Hodges wrote:
> Gary Hodges wrote:
>> I'd like to set up a solution where I keep time set on a single linux 
>> box with either GPS or the NIST radio signal.  I've found a company in 
>> the UK that sells what I'm after, but I'm curious if anyone knows of a 
>> U.S. based vendor?
> Thanks for the public and private replies.  It has given me plenty of 
> avenues to pursue for the time being.

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