[lug] audio questions

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri May 9 21:52:53 MDT 2008

> walking through this, it seems there's no real ez answer to this.  no 
> matter what system you use file pointers are going to break the minute 
> you move the underlying file around.  unless of course you use a gui 
> based media lib system and move the files in the gui file manager which 
> can do the updates for you.

With amarok, this isn't as bad as you might think, you can rename 
according to a custom format (it give you a preview based on what you 
choose as to how it will name it).  For example, the default is:

%folder/%initial/%albumartist/%album{ (Disc %discnumber)}/{%track - 

%folder expands to the base of your collection
%initial is the first initial in caps of the artist
the rest are self-explanatory
anything in braces is added if the tag exists, otherwise it is ignored

there are 24 format strings available which cover all of the tags and a 
few more details (e.g. bpm, bitrate, samplerate) of a song.  you can 
also just type the info you want.

This function is available for as many songs as you select.  So the only 
time consuming part is making sure everything is tagged well.  I also 
don't know how well the file/folder renaming works on large sets of 
files.  I've tended to tag an album at a time and then rename everything 
in that album.

My memory says that it will take care of updating your playlist file 
pointers, but don't quote me on it.


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