[lug] Recommendations for external DVD burners?

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Thu May 15 10:32:35 MDT 2008

Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> As the subject line says, I'm looking for a good external DVD burner
> that will work reliably under Linux.  My main means of connecting it
> to my systems is USB.  I'm curious what people's experience is with
> dual-layer disks, or blue-ray... neither of which is something I think
> I absolutely *must have*, but I'd like to be informed on the options.
> Any suggestions?  Hardware I should particularly avoid?  Factors in
> deciding that I might not have thought about?

I don't have _much_ for you, but I do have something.  First, you don't 
have much choice.  LG, Plextor, Sony and maybe a couple others.  I took 
delivery of an external drive this week.  LG GSA-E60N for $90 from 
Newegg.  The extent of use so far has been to install Debian Etch from 
CD.  It worked fine.  I also bought five internal drives.  I'm wondering 
if I can stick one of those in the external enclosure when that drive dies?

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