[lug] FC9 DVD's?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed May 28 20:13:45 MDT 2008

Geoffrey David Anderson wrote:
> Anyone in Boulder got FC9 DVDs I could borrow or buy?

Not in Boulder, don't have FC9.  But I need to download it eventually. 
So if you wanted to send me a blank I could burn it and send it back 
someday.  I'm sure you'll get a better offer though.

> And I'm happy to hear any strong council to go with another distro.

I'm really happy to use Debian.  For people who don't want to fool with 
things I'm really happy to recommend *buntu (except that it's harder for 
me to support since I don't have my own install to duplicate their 
problems on).

But I can't give you strong council, you probably have different needs 
and values than I do.  So if you think FC is your cup of tea it probably 
is.  Is there anything you really like or don't like about it?  Why is 
FC what you ask about first?


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