[lug] FC9 DVD's?

Ben Whaley bwhaley at gmail.com
Thu May 29 07:54:07 MDT 2008


I'm sure you'll get a lot of varied answers on this topic, but IMHO most
popular distributions will serve this need well.

Ubuntu server edition is a great choice because of excellent package support
(anything .deb will install) and 5 years support (i.e. package updates,
especially important for security). This is as good (or better) than you'll
find almost anywhere else.

Red Hat Enterprise has excellent support options and lots of supported
advanced features, like cluster suite and Xen virtualization. This is
another good option, but it will cost $$ per node.

CentOS is a direct, free-as-in-beer-and-freedom port of Red Hat Enterprise.
It has the same features without the official support or $$.

Fedora, of course, is Red Hat's free distribution, and it's certainly as
good as any, but it's really targeted at the desktop. I don't know for sure,
but I suspect it doesn't have 5 years of support.

Somebody on the list could probably recommend Mandriva or SuSE also. In the
end, it boils down to what you're most comfortable with. Nobody could blame
you for sticking with Fedora - it's an excellent distribution, and as they
say, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

- Ben

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:19 AM, Geoffrey David Anderson <
Geoffrey.Anderson at colorado.edu> wrote:

> Great responses from everyone.  But I'm not really looking for awsome
> wallpaper.  I'm an intermediate/advanced Linux user looking to build a small
> cluster which will function as a portal to various computationally intensive
> geospatial analytical services and serve as a render farm for very high
> resolution 3D terrain animations.  Except for the front end controller node,
> the other machines in my cluster will likely be gui free (That means
> headless right?).
> I bought a box from Club Linux in 2000 that came with Red Hat, which I've
> stuck with, and then Fedora for no particular reason except that it seems to
> work swell for the Open GIS stuff I tinker with.
> If particular distros really suck for "real,production" server side
> scenarios, then, I'm looking for a disto that's particularly great for
> "real,production" server side deployment.
> I think I'm sold on Ubuntu for the desktop.
> -geoff
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