[lug] FC9 DVD's?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu May 29 18:33:30 MDT 2008

Geoffrey David Anderson wrote:
> Great responses from everyone.  But I'm not really looking for awsome
> wallpaper.  I'm an intermediate/advanced Linux user looking to build
> a small cluster which will function as a portal to various
> computationally intensive geospatial analytical services and serve as
> a render farm for very high resolution 3D terrain animations.  Except
> for the front end controller node, the other machines in my cluster
> will likely be gui free (That means headless right?).

I'd use Debian for that.  My experience has been it's easier to find 
packages, easier to use their repository tools, and easier to get 
support (I don't get paying for support).

Around 2000 I picked Debian rather than RH because I thought a community 
would be more interested in my needs than a company.  I haven't been 

> If particular distros really suck for "real,production" server side
> scenarios, then, I'm looking for a disto that's particularly great
> for "real,production" server side deployment.

The industry standard, or "best practice" for production servers is to 
use RH.  I've always preferred spending money on knowing how my stuff 
worked and being able to fix it myself so I use Debian.  But no one gets 
fired for buying IBM.


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