[lug] FC9 DVD's?

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Sun Jun 1 11:12:32 MDT 2008

On Thu, 29 May 2008 00:19:42 -0600 (MDT)
Geoffrey.Anderson at Colorado.EDU (Geoffrey David Anderson) wrote:

> Great responses from everyone.  But I'm not really looking for awsome
> wallpaper.  I'm an intermediate/advanced Linux user looking to build
> a small cluster which will function as a portal to various
> computationally intensive geospatial analytical services and serve as
> a render farm for very high resolution 3D terrain animations.  Except
> for the front end controller node, the other machines in my cluster
> will likely be gui free (That means headless right?).

Sorry for the late reply, I was off traveling... 

I can get you a F9 cd/dvd at the next blug meeting, or at the next
HackingSociety meeting next thursday... 

> I bought a box from Club Linux in 2000 that came with Red Hat, which
> I've stuck with, and then Fedora for no particular reason except that
> it seems to work swell for the Open GIS stuff I tinker with.

Thats a reasonable reason... 

> If particular distros really suck for "real,production" server side
> scenarios, then, I'm looking for a disto that's particularly great
> for "real,production" server side deployment.  
> I think I'm sold on Ubuntu for the desktop.

Personally, I think Fedora does great as a desktop OS. I use it full
time for that here. As always, use what you like, and/or people you
know are using. 

As others have said, you might want to look at CentOS/Ubuntu LTS for
production machines that you don't want to re-image every year. 
On the other hand, depending on the applications you use you may want a
faster moving distro on your computing nodes, and just get setup to
reimage them regularly. 

> -geoff   

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