[lug] Fedora Core 9 Bad ISO images?

Bill Thoen bthoen at gisnet.com
Tue Jun 3 18:18:09 MDT 2008

I don't know how to use rsync, but the man page seems straight-forward 
enough. However, I'm not sure what to use as the "SRC". I went to 
mirrors.kernel.org and saw an rsync link, but how do I tell it I want to 
just check the fedora core 9,  i386,  iso images. I don't want to try 
something like: rsync rsynch://mirrors.kernel.org/mirrors/ and discover 
that it downloads everything in sight.  Can you give me an example of 
how to rsync check Fedora-9-i386-disc2.iso?

As an aside, I checked the file sizes listed in the FTP section for FC9, 
and they aren't even close to the sizes of the ones I have -- even for 
the iso images that I used to make  the discs that tested good. Now I'm 
really confused... Is there one release of FC9 i386 iso images or several?

- Bill Thoen

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
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> Bill Thoen wrote:
>> Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Are the files corrupt or is
>> the test flakey? Should I try an install them anyway?
> One thing to try would be to do an rsync from mirrors.kernel.org just to
> make sure the downloaded data is correct.  I've had some downloads be
> corrupted, and the re-sync using rsync is fast if you have most of the
> data, but will fix it if it's broken.
> Do an md5sum before the rsync, then check it against the sum afterwards to
> see if it changed.
> Sean
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