[lug] Fedora Core 9 Bad ISO images?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Jun 3 20:21:00 MDT 2008

Bill Thoen wrote:
> and even downloaded it again and both CDs were bad.

I'm usually surprised that people re-download.  The md5 checksum of the 
image is published on the server.  If that checks on what you downloaded 
then what you got is good and no amount of downloading will make it better.

Possibly the server's image is bad and fails the install test.  I'd 
expect that to be noticed within hours of it being made available.

Possibly you've gotten a corrupted file that matches the checksum.  The 
odds against that are astronomical so hang on to it because the 
mathematicians will want to see it.

Most likely the burn was bad or the test is flaky.

I never (ever) used to be able to get a checksum to verify on something 
I'd burned.  Then I read:

and I have no problems verifying checksums using the volume size given 
by isoinfo.  So if you follow the directions and it doesn't match you've 
got a bad burn.  Not that that means it won't install, just that 
something isn't right and might cause problems.


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