[lug] USB Hard Drive Cases for 2.5 inch (laptop) hard drives

Mike Stanczyk stanczyk at pcisys.net
Wed Jun 11 21:53:57 MDT 2008

Ok, this is getting very annoying.   I need a recommendation for a USB hard
drive case that's is linux compatable.

I've tried three different cases and only one works with linux under 
Clonezilla.  The older than the four hills "Me-910" case works with 
clonezilla.  Real easy way to upgrade my laptop's harddrive.  New drive in
laptop, old drive in case, clone, done.

Now the inland usb drive adapter and the coolermaster x-craft 250 lite weren't
recognized by clonezilla and as far as I can tell, clonezilla runs on a 2.6

Since I have to return the x-craft case to microcenter anyway, cases in
stock at Microcenter are prefered.  Cases also known to play nicely with
a Linksys Slug are also prefered.


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