[lug] USB Hard Drive Cases for 2.5 inch (laptop) hard drives

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Jun 12 13:06:00 MDT 2008

Zan Lynx wrote:
> Mike Stanczyk wrote:
>> Ok, this is getting very annoying.   I need a recommendation for a USB 
>> hard
>> drive case that's is linux compatable.
>> I've tried three different cases and only one works with linux under 
>> Clonezilla.  The older than the four hills "Me-910" case works with 
>> clonezilla.  Real easy way to upgrade my laptop's harddrive.  New 
>> drive in
>> laptop, old drive in case, clone, done.
>> Now the inland usb drive adapter and the coolermaster x-craft 250 lite 
>> weren't
>> recognized by clonezilla and as far as I can tell, clonezilla runs on 
>> a 2.6
>> kernel.
>> Since I have to return the x-craft case to microcenter anyway, cases in
>> stock at Microcenter are prefered.  Cases also known to play nicely with
>> a Linksys Slug are also prefered.
> USB Mass Storage isn't something a device can claim and *not* work with 
> Linux.  It's a standardized USB protocol.
> Have you tried using the drive with Some Other Operating System or other 
> versions of Linux?

The first thing I thought of was perhaps the file system is not what 
that particular linux can read.

What does fdisk -l show with the device powered up and plugged in?

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