[lug] used obsolete laptop

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Thu Jun 12 15:40:26 MDT 2008

I have 3 dell 650 mhz pentium IIIs.  I might keep one for myself, but 
the other two are for sale.  They have no networking, no ram.  I 
installed tinyme linux on them to test them out.  I was going to order 
up 512 mbs of ram for each and wireless cards for them, and then sell 
them to people.  One of them has kind of an iffy hard drive - it works 
but there's a note on there saying the drive is bad. 

Let me know if you are interested.

Louis Miller wrote:
> Hey folks,
>      Anyone have a used obsolete laptop that they want to get rid of or sell cheaply? Maybe, a Pentium 1 or even a 486. Thank you!
> Louis Miller
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