[lug] USB Hard Drive Cases for 2.5 inch (laptop) hard drives

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Thu Jun 12 14:48:14 MDT 2008

I've seen issues where some on-board USB chip sets won't work with 
certain external USB enclosures. It's just down to how good the USB 
drivers are, and how many flaky issues there are in the chip set on both 
the enclosure and the USB ports.

Michael Belanger wrote:
> Zan Lynx wrote:
>> Mike Stanczyk wrote:
>>> Ok, this is getting very annoying.   I need a recommendation for a 
>>> USB hard
>>> drive case that's is linux compatable.
>>> I've tried three different cases and only one works with linux under 
>>> Clonezilla.  The older than the four hills "Me-910" case works with 
>>> clonezilla.  Real easy way to upgrade my laptop's harddrive.  New 
>>> drive in
>>> laptop, old drive in case, clone, done.
>>> Now the inland usb drive adapter and the coolermaster x-craft 250 
>>> lite weren't
>>> recognized by clonezilla and as far as I can tell, clonezilla runs on 
>>> a 2.6
>>> kernel.
>>> Since I have to return the x-craft case to microcenter anyway, cases in
>>> stock at Microcenter are prefered.  Cases also known to play nicely with
>>> a Linksys Slug are also prefered.
>> USB Mass Storage isn't something a device can claim and *not* work 
>> with Linux.  It's a standardized USB protocol.
>> Have you tried using the drive with Some Other Operating System or 
>> other versions of Linux?
> The first thing I thought of was perhaps the file system is not what 
> that particular linux can read.
> What does fdisk -l show with the device powered up and plugged in?
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