[lug] ssl only on certain paths

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 14:48:49 MDT 2008

Since using ssl on a web server can incur lots of overhead, I would like to limit it's use only where it's absolutely necessary.

For instance, paths like "<domain>/login", "<domain>/administer/*" or any paths related to the use of a shopping cart.

I'm thinking this is possible.  Anybody have a snippet or two that might allow me to wrap my head around a decent solution for this?

I'm guessing there is some rewriting going on.  However, because vhosts work at the domain name level, i'm kind of spinning wheels as to how to tell the :80 domain and the :443 domain, which paths to honor or not.  Whatever paths are accepted by the :80 domain have to be rejected by the :443 domain and vice versa.

My guess is that this rewriting probably has a significant performance hit on the server?  Especially with more traffic and if you have lots of vhosts  sharing the same box.


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