[lug] Getting into OSX - much to learn

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Wed Jun 18 16:17:04 MDT 2008

 Any OSX people out there can take pity on a newbie?

I used to do Solaris and now FC.? There's a group here that wants me to take over OSX stuff - much to do.

1)? Any thoughts on a resource/doc like "Differences between FC and OSX - pitfalls to avoid"?

Like:? I woke up in /Users/webmaster...??? I bin bash'd...!!! ?? I need an alias to survive in this strange universe... 
but I don't see no .bash_profile? or .bashrc??? I just can't find my way /home...? :-)

2.a)? There is a old PC we want on OSX.? It doesn't have a DVD reader.? With FC, I would just pop in a rescue CD, and do a HTTP install.?? I was told ( they may know nothing ) that because OSX is proprietary, that I can't do something like that.

2.b)? They say that since this PC is old IDE, that 10.5 probably won't work, need to use 10.4 .
Sounds bad to me.? When I moved up from old Redhat ?? to FC3, through to FC8, the support for the older machines seemed to get better.

3) PHPicalendar question:
We're trying to publish iCal calendar off the "secretaries" machine to the website.? iCal seems to be in OK shape, but there seems to be a permissions problem:

I try to publish to "http://MyServer/ical/calendars/publish.php?" with the webmaster admin account, but I get an error:

Authentication with server failed (http://webmaster@MyServer/ical/calendars/publish.php/CINC.ics). Please check your login and password information.

This looks as though the path is just getting munged, but if you actually mung the path, you get this error:
"http://webmaster@MyServer/ical/calendars/CINC.ics is not a valid location for this request"

4) I'm going to set up a fresh webserver with a fresh install for serving iCal (maybe the above the above problem will go away).? It looks like this is what I need to do:

Technically, Apache and PHP are pre-installed as part of the Mac system. Apache simply needs to be turned on by the "Personal Web Sharing" function under "Sharing" in the "System preferences". PHP is enabled by uncommenting lines in httpd.conf.? 
Then I need to download iCal.? Where's the best place to download iCal?? 
If I just do a google - the Australian Apple site comes up, which doesn't make sense.
When I search the US Apple site, I find a bunch of special calendars, but not just the download. 

Thanks in advance.


Gordon Golding

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