[lug] Getting into OSX - much to learn

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Jeremy loaned me an ORA book, "OS/X for Unix Geeks" that had some useful

Also, lifehacker.com has a constant stream of OS/X articles that I found
useful.  It's not a Mac site, but many of the contributors seem to use Macs,
so they post Mac stuff a lot.  Also, a lot of the Rails community seem to be
Mac-heads, which is sometimes useful to know.

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 4:17 PM, <gordongoldin at aim.com> wrote:

>  Any OSX people out there can take pity on a newbie?
> I used to do Solaris and now FC.  There's a group here that wants me to
> take over OSX stuff - much to do.
> 1)  Any thoughts on a resource/doc like "Differences between FC and OSX -
> pitfalls to avoid"?
> Like:  I woke up in /Users/webmaster...    I bin bash'd...!!!    I need an
> alias to survive in this strange universe...
> but I don't see no .bash_profile  or .bashrc    I just can't find my way
> /home...  :-)
> 2.a)  There is a old PC we want on OSX.  It doesn't have a DVD reader.
> With FC, I would just pop in a rescue CD, and do a HTTP install.   I was
> told ( they may know nothing ) that because OSX is proprietary, that I can't
> do something like that.
> 2.b)  They say that since this PC is old IDE, that 10.5 probably won't
> work, need to use 10.4 .
> Sounds bad to me.  When I moved up from old Redhat ?? to FC3, through to
> FC8, the support for the older machines seemed to get better.
> 3) PHPicalendar question:
> We're trying to publish iCal calendar off the "secretaries" machine to the
> website.  iCal seems to be in OK shape, but there seems to be a permissions
> problem:
> I try to publish to "http://MyServer/ical/calendars/publish.php?" with the
> webmaster admin account, but I get an error:
> Authentication with server failed (http://webmaster@MyServer/ical/calendars/publish.php/CINC.ics).
> Please check your login and password information.
> This looks as though the path is just getting munged, but if you actually
> mung the path, you get this error:
> "http://webmaster@MyServer/ical/calendars/CINC.ics is not a valid location
> for this request"
> 4) I'm going to set up a fresh webserver with a fresh install for serving
> iCal (maybe the above the above problem will go away).  It looks like this
> is what I need to do:
> Technically, Apache and PHP are pre-installed as part of the Mac system.
> Apache simply needs to be turned on by the "Personal Web Sharing" function
> under "Sharing" in the "System preferences". PHP is enabled by uncommenting
> lines in httpd.conf.
> Then I need to download iCal.  Where's the best place to download iCal?
> If I just do a google - the Australian Apple site comes up, which doesn't
> make sense.
> When I search the US Apple site, I find a bunch of special calendars, but
> not just the download.
> Thanks in advance.
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