[lug] proxy downloads

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 18:30:59 MDT 2008

I often like to get my news and info from foreign news websites.  Some of these suckers serve web video, in this case real audio video, though the format is irrelevant to my question.

Usually this works fine for me, but lately some of the videos are being tagged loosely as 'not for american consumption' for copyright reasons.  If I try to play the files, the streaming servers must check my ip, realize I'm abroad and prevent the stream.

I started googling for proxy servers in the countries / regions near the source video.  Anything that wasn't american basically.  Thinking that this would get me around the ip restriction.

Unfortunately, this method sucks.  90% of the proxies listed that I've tried, seldom work.  Those that do either timeout or work like crap (slow).  Some of these I imagine might actually be passing on my ip anyway depending on the type of proxy.  I don't think there is any real security concern using this method but needless to say, overall it's not solving my problem.

Anybody know of another method to reliably proxy, spoof my ip (and still get the return packets to my browser which i think is an oxymoryon) or any other said method to get around the online country restriction I'm being presented with?


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