[lug] Getting into OSX - much to learn

Jason Davis mohadib at openactive.org
Sat Jun 21 21:25:26 MDT 2008

heh , you can install OSX on PC , sure the developers didn't mean for
it too , but since
when has that been a big concern. Moreover this post sounds like FUD.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 5:54 PM, Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com> wrote:
> gordongoldin at aim.com wrote:
>> 2.a)  There is a old PC we want on OSX.  It doesn't have a DVD reader.
>>  With FC, I would just pop in a rescue CD, and do a HTTP install.   I was
>> told ( they may know nothing ) that because OSX is proprietary, that I can't
>> do something like that.
> Of course you can't.  OSX isn't MEANT by its authors to run on PC hardware.
> You're here looking for advice on how to run OSX on PCs for a BUSINESS?
> Your business actually wants to run OSX on non-Mac hardware for BUSINESS
> purposes?
> Tell them they're utterly, horribly, insane and move on.  Or just show them
> Apple's license that comes in every box of OSX (which I'm guessing they're
> not purchasing, either).
> Don't touch it with a ten-foot pole, unless you enjoy being charged with
> gross negligence.  The "Corporate Veil" and their insurance and lawyers
> don't cover that.
> (The key word being "gross"... negligence, they might back you up. Loading
> multiple machines with software against its license, that's well-documented
> not to be run on that type of hardware by the seller, and using it for
> business -- is a recipe for technical, legal, and various other forms of
> disaster.)
> Tell 'em to buy Macs if they want OSX.
> Nate
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