NOT talking about DRM (was: Re: [lug] FSF plans Apple Genuis Bar "denial of service")

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Mon Jul 28 19:33:52 MDT 2008

> Some people are, some people aren't -- it doesn't make anyone better
> than anyone else.


> Done, man.  Totally agreed.  Just wanted to answer your questions.

You didn't have to but that's ok. :-)

> No more "argument" meant by any of the above.  Not said in anger at all.
>   Just "stuff".

Right on!

> You dragged up a lot of memories with that question.  Replayed some good
> and bad things in my head.  But the good far outweighed the bad.


> (I was reminded of the donuts.  Hadn't thought about them in years.  Did
> you know that in most cities, bakeries all donate anything that's "day
> old" or slightly stale to homeless shelters?

Donuts remind me of sushi ;-)

Don't take this is as gospel b/c things may have changed and i know that
whole foods DOES donate some food to local food banks.  but about a two
years ago i was in whole foods as they were closing.  i had been in wild
oats a month earlier at closing and the guy gave me the sushi for half
price b/c according to him, if he didn't sell it, it would go bad and
they'd have to throw it out.  just made logical sense.

Well the guy in whole foods was loading up the cart with the days sushi
and i asked him what they were going to do with it.  he told me "throw it
out".  he couldn't sell it to me for half price or discount.  it was
better to let it go to waste (sure some kid scarfed some of it down in the
back) in the eyes of mgt then possibly encourage the practice of patrons
showing up at 9:59PM and get discounted sushi.  speaking of free! i assure
you that my intent was not to haggle over sushi.  ;-)

Oddly enough.  Since that time I've paid more attention to this kind of
thing and I'll occasionally ask the person behind the bakery or counter
what do you do with at the end of the day.   The answer has come back more
ofen than not that they "donate it".  so i think they've changed their

> The "wastefulness" of the big donut shops and supermarkets in trying to
> always have extra product on hand, helped a lot of people eat a late
> breakfast every morning in Chicago who otherwise wouldn't have had one.

Funny how s*t works right.

> Everyone, truly -- I would be very happy if you all enjoyed your Monday
> evening, stay safe, and I wish the very best to all of you and yours.
> Good discussion -- sorry I got a little fired up there.  DRM is a lame
> thing to argue about, sorry!

Those last 2 paragraphs alone made my day!  Some in your same shoes would
have taken offense to my replies to you and hit back harder, even more
fired up.  Confrontational.  But you didn't!  That's not why I put them
out there.

kudos nate!

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