[lug] Monitoring file descriptors

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Jul 28 20:26:54 MDT 2008

Jeffrey Haemer wrote:
> If only I had a mail program that interpreted "-E"  as "don't send if the
> body's empty", this would be still easier for me to read.  (YMMV.)

Very nice.

>    awk  '(diff = $3 - $1) < 10 {print "Low on file descriptors - " diff}'
> /proc/sys/fs/file-nr |
>      mail -E -s "ftp1 file descriptors" ben at atrust.com

Yeah, putting it in awk makes it shorter and more readable.  But I 
usually avoid awk for things that complicated because a notch or two 
more than that and I'd be using perl.

If perl has a mail package that's as easy as the above I'd say we're a 
few lines from the point of switching.

> Of course, that would require a Berkeley-style "mail" which would mean I
> wouldn't have /proc.   Catch-22.

Hmmm...  My mail(1) has that (-e actually).  And a little jaunt through 
the Debian alternatives system shows it's really bsd-mailx(1) from the 
package by the same name.


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