[lug] Funny security hack.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Jul 29 22:32:49 MDT 2008

I'm always amused at how security policy gets out of the box and walks 
around bumping into things.  Feel free to hit delete.  (I could make a 
talk out of this but I'll spare you.)

The rule at work is, "log off at night."  When I found the same rule at 
my new program I asked why.  "Oh, probably some Windows thing.  Upgrades 
and such, you know."  But of course it's one size fits all even if you 
have a Linux box on your desk.

My team lead went out of his way to get me a year long "after hours 
processing" sign because I have to do things that take many hours to 
complete.  I run them in screen instead and a machine somewhere works 
while I'm logged off.

Then it hit me: I have virtual consoles.  So even if I don't log off I 
can switch to a screen that says login: and it will be obvious to the 
security guys that I'm logged off.

(No, there's no chance they'll notice it's not gdm.  If they did they'd 
be coding, not walking the security beat after hours.  Even if they 
can't code.)

For fun I may go figure out what it takes to run gdm on one of my VCs. 
If I get tired of coding, which is a lot more fun than I remember it.

What!?  A knock at the door!  I've said too much...

Yeah, you're right.  I should get a blog and stop annoying people. 
Sorry, it won't happen again.  This week.  I hope...

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