[lug] Huh, that was easy.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jul 30 09:20:05 MDT 2008

Nate Duehr wrote:
> I'm so conflicted reading this!
> On the one hand, Dr. Jeckyll says -- I think back to when I fought and 
> fought and fought to get suspend-to-disk working on both a Debian 
> machine and a Gentoo machine a couple of years ago and I'm ultra-happy 
> for you that just installing a package made it work, no muss no fuss.  
> STUFF THAT WORKS!  Whoo hoo!

When I bought my first modem I got 2400 baud for less than 1/3 of what a 
state of the art 9600 baud went for.  I've eventually wound up with 
several 56k and never spent as much in total as a 9600 cost when I started.

When I started with Linux I installed it a couple of times, learned a 
lot about my hardware, and then dropped it.  I didn't know enough to get 
any use out of it.  But then I had a job using Unix and KDE came out and 
between the two I could use Linux for my daily needs.  Too bad Linus 
didn't get a graphical web browser done back in '91.

I think that for many adopting the automobile may have been a similar 

> All this over-thinking about Linux and computing lately... I'm going to 
> have to put some other priorities ahead of entertaining my brain and 
> catch up on some of those boring "normal life" things here soon.  But 
> it's really messing with me, trying to decide if I think it's good that 
> your suspend works or if it's a yawner... I think oddly, it's both!

It's a yawner.  Just like it will be when I post about how great the 
DVR, or digital TV, is--someday when I get one.

But I posted because the guys at powersaved and Debian did something 
that made me happy and I'm thankful for their work.  There's also a 
button for presentation mode that disables the screen saver.  I know a 
whole lot of people who wish they had that (or knew where it was, if 
they do).


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