[lug] Funny security hack.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jul 31 22:15:33 MDT 2008

Carl Wagner wrote:
> That is way cool!!  I can now have 2 different graphical users logged into the 
> same box!
> Any idea what the ramifications of logging into the same account twice are?

None.  Nobody cares whether two processes for the same user come from 
the same login.  They're two processes for the same user.

vi (vim anyway) will warn you that there's already a swap file.  Mozilla 
and friends will detect their lockfile.  Apps that assume they only run 
one instance but don't enforce that will do silly things (and that might 
include desktop stuff and its config stuff--if you find anything write a 
bug report).

Since you can have multiple desktops there probably isn't any need to 
login twice with the same user.


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