[lug] Festival pass in exchange for running sound.

Jeffrey Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 10:03:59 MDT 2008

A last-minute plea for someone interested in art/theater/dance who isn't
scared of electronic equipment.

Contact Sondra, not me.

The offer is a festival ticket in exchange for running sound.  You need to
be available on the dates and times she lists below.

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From: Sondra Blanchard <sondrablanchard at gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 9:45 AM
To: Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>

Hi Jeffrey,
I'm in the middle of a theatre conference this week and weekend. Otherwise
you can find me hanging out at hangars....
We should go out for lunch sometime toward the end of next week, Thurs. or
Fri.? How about it?
I'm going to ask Kristina again, but do you know anyone else who might like
to run sound for my fringe show in exchange for a festival pass? It's
getting down to the wire and so I'm asking everyone I know. The details are
I'm looking for one person to do tech for my show for the fringe, and the
benefit is an all-access pass to see other shows. So if you're interested in
glutting yourself on music, theatre, and dance, this is one way to do it.
What I am looking for is someone to run the show and act as stage manager,
in communication with the house manager. Lights are pretty much on and off,
and the sound is specific and I need someone who will know the cues well.
What it amounts to is turning the lights on at the top of the show, and off
at the end, pressing play and pause for sound throughout at specific times
with a cue sheet. These are the days and times I need help.
8/5 2:30-4:30pm
8/6 12-2pm
8/13 12-2pm
Tech on 8/13 or 8/14 TBD*
8/15-17 6:30-9pm SHOWS*
8/21-23 6:30-9pm SHOWS*
* Need same person for these dates.

I am looking for one person for the run of the show and tech, and if I can
have the same person for rehearsals, that would be great, but I can also
work in rehearsals with different people. Please let me know if you're

Performing "The Box: the virgins are coming" at the Boulder International
Fringe Festival.
Wesley Chapel, 1290 Folsom Street (across from Folsom Field)
Parking available
August 15-17 at 7:30pm
August 21-23 at 7:30pm
Tickets are $12/10

Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>
720-837-8908 [cell]
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