[lug] vi question

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Aug 16 10:46:44 MDT 2008

Collins Richey wrote:
> If you are running ubuntu or a recent Debian distro, the brilliant
> doughnut heads decided to make something called vim-minimal (guess at
> the package name) instead of vim the default vi-editor. That package
> gives you all the wonderful functionality that standard vi had in the
> unices of yore.

Do you mean vim-tiny (there's no vim-minimal in Debian unstable)?

Do you mean the editor alternative is set to vim-tiny?  Or that vim-tiny 
was the only editor with a high enough priority to get installed?  (I 
don't know an easy way to see all the packages with a specific priority.)

Perhaps you just happen to be running in compatibility mode?  When I run 
vim-tiny it doesn't do syntax highlighting but it does have multi-level 
undo, command and search history, and formatting (gq).  I don't think vi 
has any of those.


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