[lug] vi question

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 12:16:59 MDT 2008

On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 12:04 PM, David L. Anselmi <anselmi at anselmi.us> wrote:

> Yeah, that's just compatibility mode.  Try vim -N vs. vim -C (it applies to
> vim as well as vim-tiny).  (Interesting, vim does syntax highlighting even
> with -C.)

Nice to know, if I ever encounter vim-tiny again - not likely on Sidux.

> I never use arrow keys (or anything in insert mode) to move the cursor so
> that particular problem doesn't bother me.  But there are other vim-isms I'm
> used to.

Actually for me that's one function I use constantly. I seem to
remember that there are ways of overriding that behavior in termcap
even for vi, but once vim was invented I never looked back.

Collins Richey
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