[lug] For love or money: 1994 Yggdrasil Plug-and-Play Linux CD

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Wed Sep 17 17:37:45 MDT 2008

David L. Anselmi wrote:
> Neal McBurnett wrote:
>> A friend is very very interested in finding an installation CD or
>> .iso for the Yggdrasil Linux Release circa 1994.
> Well, shoot.  My first Linux CDs were the Linux Internet Archives
> (4CDs!) from 1995.  But no Yggdrasil.  I remember considering Yggdrasil
> though.

You're giving me flashbacks to trying to download all that crap over a 
modem line.  Stop that!  (GRIN)

(And it drove me to go figure out how to order BRI-ISDN to my condo, 
which was a couple of months long story in and of itself... then early 
SDSL -- CopperMountain CopperRocket "modem", I do remember that part -- 
from whoever that provider was that only did SDSL, then later we moved, 
and I was in Qwest coverage for ADSL... and now Comcast on a commercial 

12Mb down/2 Mb up sure beats the old modem.

During the ISDN days, it was 64Kb/s plus "bonding" if the Zyxel ISDN 
device decided that I was filling the 64K pipe for more than a couple of 

Then it would bond the other 64K in, and if someone called on the phone, 
the second B-channel would drop off and back to 64K... until the phone 
call was over.

:-) Painful days.  I remember buying various distro CD's online from 
cheapbytes to avoid the hours of downloading later on, too...


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