[lug] Installation of multiple Linux Instances

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 14:53:35 MDT 2008

> I'd like to install each OS/version into it's own space on the disk.  I'm
> thinking all I have to do is install one OS (say CentOS 64bit) and partition
> say 20% of the disk. Then once the install is done, boot into the latest
> fedora disk and do the same, etc.
> Is this correct ?

Yes, but be careful to select "custom partitioning" during the install
and do think about how really you need such partitions (primary,
extended, etc). Once upon a time, the /boot had to be on the "lower
sectors"; it should not be an issue anymore.

Pure-linux multi-boot is very easy (actually I always have multi-boot
on desktops, to have space to try new things, not being stuck in case
of failures, test the whole distribution upgrades without breaking the
real thing, etc)

> Later I want to add a disk array and allocate a RAID mount point that can be
> mounted by any of the installed Linux'es when it's active.
> Is this do-able ? Easily ?

Well, what's the point with the various Linux'es? You have to repeat
yourself in the various settings (or be very clever on how you share
them, which IMO is a pain).
So, it is doable as it is on a single-boot machine.


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