[lug] Remote Healthcare Training for the Developing World pilot - advice needed!

Gail Austin gail_austin_co at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 10:38:14 MDT 2008

Hello: I work for a Virginia healthcare nonprofit and live on the Hill in Boulder. I need advice & counsel on which version of Linux & open source stack to use in a training system pilot for the developing world.
I am developing a self-contained learning system to train community health workers in  developing countries, to help address a dire shortage of healthcare workers in these countries (numbering close to a million worker shortage according to the World Health Org), particularly in rural/village locations. We plan to pilot this system in rural community health centers in India, to train workers who are functioning as de facto nurse practitioners with little to no medical training. This is a purely charitable initiative to help incredibly hard-working yet impoverished communities become more self-sufficient by sharing knowledge that is literally life-saving.
We plan to use all open source content and software on ultra-lowcost PCs so that this system will make sense to deploy in the developing world. I have training development experience on Windows ($$$$ hissss.....) and stacks of COTS software (even more $$$$$$$$), but none on Linux. HELP! I need advice and counsel on which version of Linux to use, as well as the most promising open source software stack for this application.
I'd be delighted to buy really any number of the caffeinated beverage of your choice in exchange for some informed advice and counsel! 
Thanks in advance for any help you can give this Linux newbie!
Your neighbor from the wild & wonderful Hill,
Gail Austin

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