[lug] How to license a small program?

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 14:11:07 MDT 2008

I have never written any code that was for distribution before.  I
recently wrote a piece of code for a proprietary GPS receiver.

What the code does, is that it loads two binary files into the GPS
receiver (gpsrx). One goes into ram and is the code that directs the
device how to load the second binary file into flash. The second
binary is loaded into flash memory and is the code that runs the
gpsrx. The company that manufactures the GPS receiver sent me
directions on how to implement the procedure of loading these two
files into the gpsrx as well as the binaries themselves. This gpsrx is
a module that is soldered onto a printed circuit board. It is used in
embedded systems. The manufacturer provides a utility for dos that
loads these two files.

The code I wrote is the linux utility that does the same thing for
linux. I have been considering sending it to the manufacturer under
the GPL. I am not sure I have the right to place it under the GPL.
What are other peoples opinion on this? If it becomes to much of a
legal hassle, I just won't send it back or distribute it.


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