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Subject: Liquidation rush on tchrist's Boulder office goods: THIS WEEK
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This is a repeat of my previous message.  I now have negligible time
remaining to unload these, so it's urgent.

I don't seem to be able to make contact with the Boulder LUG mailing list,
which was my hope, so if any of you are subscribers, please phone me.

If you want any of them, please phone me.

If you know ANYONE AT ALL who might just POSSIBLY want them,
please phone me, and apply that directive recursively.

Contrary to my normal situation, today phone access is much better than
email access, because TOMORROW IS MOVING DAY, so I'll be back and forth
between home and office at 3080 Valmont over the next 24h.

I can be reached by voice at 303-444-3212, my published number.  If you
prefer sending text messages, then do so: I pay nothing for them, so you
may kindly send them to 720-839-8444, and I'll try to listen for the
hard-to-hear bleep.

The nonworking hardware I am merrily giving away, completely free of
charge to any and all.  But "non-working" isn't as bad as it may sound,
as often the fault is as simple as having a bad boot sector or
a messed up root partition.  Come! Take! It's yours!

The working sets (box+monitor+kbd+mouse) I'd if at all possible
like a bit of cash for, but I'm down to the "or best offer" point.
First come, first served.

Thanks for anything and eveyrthing you can do, suggest,
or take off my hands TODAY, this Sunday afternoon, Sept 28th.



Dear local-area folks,

I'm shutting down / closing / liquidating my (expensive) Boulder classroom,
and I need to do so THIS WEEK!  I'm replacing my black office furniture at
home with the oak stuff from the office, then moving said black stuff down
lower in my house, likely replacing the lower-grade desks and such found
thereunder.  I'm still unclear on mechanics.  It's a *lot* of work.

I'm likely selling most to all the tables and chairs to pay for the
movers. But that still leaves something like an infinite amount of
stuff, big and little.

So I was wondering whether any of you might just possibly be the
least bit interested in any of what's in the classroom proper?
And would "please" help? :-(

There are some small desks to dispose of (1 or 2) and such small
miscellanea, two LARGE whiteboards, lots more I need to write down.

But most of this is old to very old computers and big fat monitors.  Quite
a few don't work 100% any more, eg don't boot right or flicker.  But as the
original pool was over two dozen, that still leaves a good hefty number
that do work well, just slowly.  Although I'm unclear on just what all does
and does not work, I can tell you the two main types of computers are:

 --> 0.996 Ghz Pentium III w/64  Mb memory
 --> 2.2   Ghz Celeron     w/128 Mb memory

I now use one of the former, slower boxes as a router and file server (I
know: dumb combo) for which it performs perfectly well.  I also use one
of the latter as a sacrificial Windoze box, which even with 2g of memory
is too dang slow.  Go figger.

All monitors are CRTs.

I also have many outdated textbooks (eg, v2 Camel or v1 Cookbook), not
to mention gadzillions of TCPC pens, mugs, and notepads, that I really
don't see cause to store forever.  And lots, lots more.

If any of this sounds the least bit interesting to any you, PLEASE speak
up.  There's definitely stuff there I'm forgetting to mention.  If
you're around, we can stop over and look at stuff.  I do have hired help
meaning movers--but that doesn't really get *rid* of anything, just move it
around.  I'd rather some of this went to good homes if possible.

If all else fails, I'll probably have to post to some local geeklists
and pretend to sell some of it for various measely pittances, just so I
can get joyful hackers to haul stuff away on their own instead of paying
movers to do so and then a storage locker till Yucca Mountain cools off.

RasapSVP && mercy buckets!

- --tom

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