[lug] How do you keep your passwords safe while Paying bills and Day Trading at Work?

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sun Oct 5 22:39:00 MDT 2008

siegfried wrote:
> As a result of listening to an interview of a hapless share owner of Freddie
> MaC (FRE) on NPR some Sunday afternoon, actually bought some Freddie mac
> stock and inadvertently (I did not intend this when I initially purchased
> the stock) started day trading and actually made $5000 on Wednesday and lost
> $3000 on Thursday last week. Wow! Was that exciting! I'm so glad to still be
> positive!

Wow... that's an amazingly speculative stock to be trading in right now. 
  Be careful.

(There's going to come a point where there's a LOT of value sitting on 
the table for the taking at the final bottom to this thing, but we're 
not there yet.)

Sometimes (for the password thing) simple solutions work well... if you 
have an IMAP server (SSL encypted access to it, of course!), sending 
yourself a PGP-encrypted e-mail and sticking it in a folder, isn't a bad 
way to go.

If you're doing mail on POP3, it'd be a little trickier unless all of 
your MUA's are leaving the messages on the server.

And of course, you're REALLY trusting that no one can break into the 
server itself for that tactic.

PGP encrypted file on a USB stick is probably saner, and cross-platform 
maybe even...

Some of the online brokerages also offer RSA keys (key fobs that go on 
your keychain) with their pseudo-random number generators in them, and 
can set up your login account to use one of those along with a password. 
  Very difficult for someone to both steal the fob and also know your 
username and password that go with it, at the same time.  They might 
charge a fee for that.


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